Richard Clapton

Richard Clapton

  • Saturday 24 June
  • Doors 8pm
  • Show: 8.30pm
  • $40

Richard Clapton is one of Australia’s foremost singer/songwriters and paved the way for three generations of songwriters to write about the experience of being Australian.

Clapton’s songs are still omnipresent on the radio to this day, his records charting the political landscape of the nation and the turbulent lives of two generations.

It should be acknowledged that 200 loyal fans raised the funds to finance this project through “crowd-funding” on This new journey has taken Richard to a brave new world where artists no longer have to rely on the corporate teat and can be truly independent. The 200 fans who pledged the money to get Richard to Nashville were entitled to a digital download on Australia Day. So far their reaction has been elation and excitement and they are already encouraging their friends to grab a copy of “The House Of Orange” as soon as the CD hits the streets.

The story behind the album’s title, “The House of Orange”, is a tip of Richard’s hat to the house he rented during his two month stay in Nashville which was owned by Charles Orange who claims lineage back to the Dutch Royal Court – the original House of Orange. (Robert Hunter from the Grateful Dead, Brian Setzer from Stray Cats and Nickelback are some of the rock luminaries who have also stayed in the Orange house.)