• Saturday 2 September
  • 8.30pm
  • $35

The Ted Mulry Gang – TMG – formed in ’72 and hit it big in 1975 with the unforgettable ‘Jump In My Car’. Prior to that, Ted had been known as a balladeer;  with his own group behind him he became an unrepentant rocker. Gang members Herm Kovac on drums and Les Hall on guitar both came from Newcastle’s Velvet Underground. Not that Velvet Underground; this Velvet Underground had nothing to do with Lou Reed and is best known as Malcolm Young’s band before AC/DC. As Malcolm’s former band mates  – and as AC/DC’s label mates for a time on Alberts – TMG were AC/DC’s compatriots in those early days and, although TMG were poppier (and originally the far more successful band), the two bands together helped shape the classic guitar-driven and boogie-influenced Alberts Oz Rock sound.  Indeed so close were the ties back that legendary AC/DC bassplayer Mark Evans these days is a standing member of TMG!


After three albums and more hits including ‘Darktown Strutters Ball’ and ‘Crazy’, TMG moved to Mushroom in 1976. The hits kept coming – ‘My Little Girl’,  ‘Heart of Stone’, ‘(You’ve Got) The Devil in You’ etc – as did three more great studio albums The TMG Album, Disturbing the Peace and Locked In that encapsulated the classic pub rock sound of the era. Mushroom managed to sign the band to Atlantic in the US where Disturbing the Peace was released; alas the band never toured there so the album failed to take off. TMG Live was the original band’s final release, and a great swansong.

Although the hits had dried up by the early ’80s, the band continued, finding new success on the club and ’70s/80s nostalgia circuit. They released a new album in 1989, and Ted released a solo album in 1998, featuring songs co-written with his brother Steve Mulry. Sadly, Ted himself passed away in 2001 after a fight with brain cancer. Before his passing, the all-star benefit show ‘Gimme Ted’ saw a TMG performance featuring Steve Mulry stepping in for his ailing brother. Steve, a mainstay of South Western Sydney pub rock diehards Black Label, these days fronts the current and ongoing TMG alongside Herm, Les, original second guitarist Gary Dixon, and, as mentioned, AC/DC legend Mark Evans on bass.