Clubs Act

Clubs Code

Important Information for Club Members

 Under the Registered Clubs Accountability Code the club is required to make available to its members information that relates to the management and financial administration of the Club including: 

1. A list of disclosures made by the directors, top executives or employees of the club. 

2. Details of overseas travel made by the directors, top executives or employees of the club. 

3. Details of any loans over $1,000 given by the club to employees. 

4. Details of any approved contract of employment with a top executive of the club. 

5. Details of payments of over $30,000 made by the club to consultants. 

6. The total amount paid to consultants (excluding the amounts shown in 5 above). 

7. Details of legal settlements paid to a director or employee of the Club. 

8. Details of legal fees paid by the club on behalf of a director or employee. 

9. The amount allocated by the club to community development and support under the ClubGRANTS scheme. 

10. The club’s gaming machine profit. 

Members may view this information by making a written request. 


The club must ensure that quarterly financial statements are provided to the board that incorporate a balance sheet, profit and loss accounts and trading accounts and that those financial statements are made available to the members. 

The financial statements for the relevant quarter are displayed on the notice board or members may by written request obtain a copy of the financial statements. 

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