Tertiary Scholarship

Revesby Workers’ Club Tertiary Scholarships Program

The Scholarship Program for Revesby Workers’ Club will be open for applications from
1 December 2023.

New Applicants

This year, rather than applying via the Revesby Workers’ Club website (as previous years), new applicants are invited to contact the Club’s Executive Assistant via email (tenielles@rwc.org.au) to request an application pack.

Each application pack contains:

  • Scholarship Application form;
  • Scholarship guidelines; and
  • Document checklist.

New applications will be received from 1 December 2023 until 31 January 2024.

New applicants are required to provide:

  • Completed application form;
  • Higher School Certificate Examination Results;
  • ATAR;
  • Confirmation of enrolment into university or TAFE:
  • Two (2) references; and
  • Any further supporting documents they wish to include.

Please note that late submissions will not be considered.

In 2024, Revesby Workers’ Club will be offering:

  • 2 x $3,000 university scholarships;
  • 2 x $3,000 TAFE scholarships; and
  • $500 scholarships are also available to successful applicants who are not awarded the $3,000 scholarship.

Subject to satisfactory results and re-enrolment the following year, the Club will continue to pay an ongoing $500 scholarship every subsequent year for the duration of a recipient’s degree/course for up to 6 years.

Previous applicants

All previous applicants who are undertaking a further year of their degree/study will be contacted directly by the Club’s Executive Assistant.  There is no requirement for previous applicants to complete an online application.

Previous applicants will be required to provide their results throughout 2023 and confirmation of their 2024 enrolment.  Upon receipt of satisfactory results, their $500 continuing scholarship will be provided.

Terms and Conditions

  • Introduction of 6 year maximum rule, meaning recipients can receive the $500 for the duration of their course and in some cases, a year for Honours;
  • If an applicant defers their course, scholarship funding is required to be returned to the Club;
  • If an applicant changes their course, they must re-apply for their scholarship;
  • If a recipient does not provide their university/TAFE results by Friday, 2 February 2024, they risk not being eligible for their $500 continuation;
  • The available funds for scholarships should be capped at $35,000, noting:
    • While the $3,000 scholarships contribute to the total of the $35,000 of funding, they continue to be offered every year;
    • If the number of pre-existing recipients is high, the Scholarship Committee may decide not to award any new $500 scholarships;
    • If the Scholarship Committee wish to approve funding over $35,000, Board approval should be sought before proceeding with the confirmation letters.
  • All payments will be made via cheque and will be awarded during a cheque presentation ceremony on a date to be agreed in early 2024.

View the Scholarship Guidelines here