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Our Staff


OurStaff_Web_RWCBLOG_Portrait_450x555px_V2As a large employer located predominately in the South West of Sydney, Revesby Workers’ is all too familiar with the unfortunate statistics that highlight the level of unemployment in our surrounding area.

Sydney – South West

We have 275,600 of working age population (15-64), with an overall unemployment rate of 7.0%, and a Youth (15-24) unemployment rate of 9.3%.

Source: Australian Government Department of Employment – April 2016

As both a responsible employer and community Club, we took the opportunity of participating as an exhibitor at the Annual South West Sydney Jobs and Skills Expo.

This Expo attracts thousands of visitors each year, from students looking for their first job to the mature age returning to the workforce, from people seeking a new career path to minority groups and everyone in between.

Whilst many industries were represented at the Expo, we were pleased to find the level of interest in attendees wanting to know how to start a career in the hospitality industry, what is the Club industry all about, and who is Revesby Workers’? All worthwhile questions and one’s in which our team of human resources professionals were only too happy to address.

Since the June Expo, the human resources team have fielded many enquiries via email and phone from potential applicants, with already a couple of applicants on the cusp of becoming part of Revesby Workers’.

The opportunity to present what we do as an employer, as a community organisation and importantly as a local employer is not lost on our management team or staff, and we look forward to continuing to do our best for the South West of Sydney.

This terrific event is an initiative of Bankstown City Council and is supported by it partners Australian Business Academy and the Torch newspaper.

Our Treehouse Director

TreehouseDirector_Web_RWCBLOG_Portrait_450x555px_V23Revesby Workers are pleased to welcome Bernadette Hawkins to the Club as the new Director of Tree House Child Care Centre. Bernadette has over 20 years’ experience in the childcare industry and has worked at a number of organisations which provide quality care and has worked at a number of organisations which provide quality care and education to children. Bernadette has worked with FamilyDayCare schemes, KU Children, ABC Learning Centres and YMCA.

Bernadette is dedicated to providing high quality early childhood programs that involve the collaboration of children, families and educators in planning and developing meaningful learning for all children. She is committed to creating strong relationships between educators and families ensuring all children have wonderful opportunities for learning, development and growth.

Bernadette cannot wait to meet all the children at Tree House and work alongside a team that is as dedicated as she is about providing quality experiences and education for early learners.

Something Extra

WritersGroup_Web_RWCBLOG_Portrait_450x555px_V22Local, multi-award winning artist Fay Joseph A.R.A.S has generously donated her painting “Georges River at East Hills” to raise funds for Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital. The donation was initiated by the Revesby Writers’ Group. The fund raising is being organised by the Charity Committee, which will have this beautiful painting in display in the Club foyer.

Chris McIntyre

Chris_Web_RWCBLOG_Portrait_450x555px_V2Revesby Workers are pleased to welcome Christopher McIntyre to the club as new the Executive Chef. Chef Christopher joins Revesby Workers at an exciting time as the  new dining precinct nears completion and moves toward the grand opening.

Chef Christopher has over 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry in a diverse range in operational positions as Executive Chef and Food and Beverage Manager. He has worked in many areas of the hospitality industry including hotels, resorts restaurants and clubs.

He will be hands-on in the kitchen , cooking and leading the talented team of chefs at Revesby Workers. He will be responsible for the creation and innovation of the new menus within the new dining precinct.

Christopher is a dedicated chef who is passionate about plating beautiful food from locally grown produce. He will bring his culinary skills into kitchens of the new dining precinct with a focus on delivering exceptional food. Christopher will lead the team in creating extraordinary meals to meet and exceed the expectations of patrons for a whole new dining experience.

“I firmly believe in creating a great workplace and building a caring culture within the Food and Beverage department – where we can build strength in each other and grow as a whole”

“I believe that a menu should reflect both the passion of the Chef an the identity of the restaurant”

We welcome Christopher and look forward to tasting his exciting menus.

Revesby Workers’ Club host 2016 ClubGRANTS

Revesby Workers’ Club have proudly host the 2016 ClubGRANTS event which has recognised the many local organisations that make a big contribution to the lives of others in the community.

Revesby Workers’ and other local clubs have together help fund a total of $1,126,766.73 to local community organisations, sporting groups, schools and charities which develop programs and provide resources to better the lives of those who need it most in the community.

As a club, Revesby Workers’ supported 27 projects with a total funding of $412,241.75 going to organisations such as Bankstown City Aged Care, Coolaburoo Neighbourhood Centre, Broderick Gillawarna Special School and many more community groups.

The ClubGRANTS scheme is one of the largest and most effective grant programs in Australia that continues to provide funding to the community year after year.

Father’s Day Fun Run for Charity

Revesby Workers’ Father’s Day Charity Fun Run will be held on Sunday 4 September with an invitation open to the community to join in and raise money for Bankstown Lidcombe Hospital.

The new charity fun run, organised by Illawong Revesby Workers Athletics, is expected to draw a lot attendance from regular runners, families and friends and all the local community who want to have a run and give to charity.

Revesby Workers’ Vice President, John Rodwell encourages all members of the community to come along for the morning run.

“This new charity fun run should prove popular for regular runners and others who want to have a go and contribute to charity, in this case the Bansktown Lidcombe Hospital. It’s not just a day for dads, it’s a day for everyone to come together and have a bit of fun.”Mr Rodwell said.

“The organisers of the event are very experienced, having conducted the very successive Australia Day Charity Fun Run at Menai for many years. This run will start at Marco Reserve Panania and take the runners and walkers, around the adjacent Kelso sports areas.”

The fun run day is being held at 8am of Father’s Day, Sunday 4 September, providing an early family activity with plenty of time to celebrate more traditionally from mid-morning.

The run consists of two distances; a 3 km and an 8 km run or walk. Prizes will be awarded in junior categories for the 3 km run (up to 13, and 14-17) and in the 8 km race there are prizes for up to 34 years, and 35 years plus.

Entry fees for those up to 17 years is $10 (online) or $15 (on the day), and for 18 and older $20 (online) or $30 (on the day). Entry is open to all but a limit on numbers may need to be applied. The proceeds of the run will go to the Revesby Workers’ Charity Committee, which this year is again supporting the Bankstown Lidcombe Hospital.

For registration and more information, go to www.rwc.org.au/fathersdayfunrun  

Helloworld Revesby Takes Top Honour at Local Business Awards

helloworld Revesby has been named winner of the specialised retail category in the Bankstown Local Business Awards.

The Local Business Awards night, held at Revesby Workers’ Club, recognises businesses and workers in the community for their outstanding work, customer service and innovative ideas. The awards acknowledge and reward local community businesses, helping improve standards and strengthen bonds between businesses.

helloworld Revesby Sales and Operations Manager, Mark Knox accepted the award on the night.

“We are so excited to have received this award. The awards night was a truly great night to be surrounded by so many other businesses from our area. There was a genuine buzz in the air and a real sense of achievement and excitement.” Said Mr Knox.

helloworld Revesby has been operating for more than two years and has helped many holiday goers organise happy and safe travels. helloworld is also actively involved in supporting the local community by creating travel group deals and holding travel expos.

“We are very proud of our team and it validates their dedication and hard works to ensure our clients not only have a wonderful holiday but they also have a fantastic pre-trip experience.”

helloworld Revesby Owner, Meryl McDonald says this award acknowledges and honours the hardworking and dedicated team at helloworld. A team that provides great customer service and helps customers create special memories and experiences as they travel the world.

“It is wonderful to be acknowledged for our commitment to striving to be the best retail travel agency in the area. We spend a lot of time and money in the training of our travel consultants and it is great to see that what we are doing is paying off and we are heading in the right direction.”

“I am really proud of our team. I already knew we had a great team before we received this award, but I think it is great for our team to know that many of our clients also feel this way. Our consultants are passionate about doing the very best work for our clients and this often requires them to work back after the doors have closed, so I think this award makes all that hard work worthwhile”.

The Great Walk For Breast Cancer

Over many years Revesby Workers’ Club has given generously to many charitable organisations that are committed to making a positive change to the lives of others.

Recently, overwhelming support from the community has seen Revesby Workers’ Executive Manager, Facilities, Simon Melham and his sister-in-law Diana Melham, raise $71,108.00 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, whose goal it is to have ‘Zero Deaths from Breast Cancer by 2030! “When Dana told me this year she would be raining money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and that it involved trekking The Great Wall Of China- I was sold!. Our fundraising campaign kick-started when we received a ver generous donation of $5,000 from Revesby Workers’ Club. The support from the Board of Directors, Management and staff throughout the entire campaign has been truly overwhelming.

Fundraising Events

Team Di & Si held two major fundraising events. Firstly, a Chinese themed variety night held at Revesby Workers’ Club with over 200 people attending and raising an outstanding $15,113. in April, they held a Try Shooting event hosted by Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA) at the St Mary’s Indoor Shooting Centre. The event involved more than 140 people and over 50 volunteers an overall the Try Shooting event raised a staggering $14,340.

The Great Walk

On May 19, Team Di and Si headed to China for the adventure of a lifetime that would see them walk the Great Wall over five consecutive days. The trek along the Wall provided many challenges including navigating rough and uneven surfaces, countless steps, inclines, declines, wild weather, undulating terrain and physical exhaustion. Equally, there were many highlights including the excitement of standing on top of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, breathtaking views, many cultural experiences and everlasting friendships.

“We shared this amazing journey with several women who had overcome the fight against breast cancer. These women were inspiring, heroic and truly put into perspective the real reason why we all decided to take on the challenge”.

Overall, the trek covered 54 Kilometres; 20.25 hours; 84,926 steps and 835 flights of stairs.

The Final Step Forward

The Revesby Workers’ Club community, SSAA communities and many other sponsors have proudly supported the big efforts of Team Di and Si through their fundraising events and by following their journey along The Great Wall of China. The total funds raised for The National Breast Cancer Foundation by Team Di and Si came to $71.108.00 and the total funds raised by the 45 participants who trekked the Great Wall of China in may 2016 was a massive $289,023.00, the largest tally ever by such a campaign. Simon and Dina would like to extend enormous Thank You to all those involved in making this fundraising campaign such a success for the National Breast Cancer foundation and can only hope that the goal of zero deaths by 2030 is achieved.

Community Service FMA 2016

Community Service

FMA 2016 

What a great match; Revesby Workers’ Club and the community.

This year Revesby Workers’ Club are to provide the sum of $420,000 to organisations from our local area under the ClubGANTS scheme, Category  1 section. This program allows for direct involvement with community organisations leaving category 2 of the scheme for the support of sporting teams, sub clubs and other special purposes to assist members and their families.

Our ClubGrants subcommittee have, with other member Clubs of the Bankstown group, investigated some one hundred and fifty applications from these community organisations that had submitted requests to Bankstown Council covering all types of projects from installing safety lights for the elderly in a car park to assisting in the aged care system and also providing specialised equipment for disadvantaged, special needs school children.

The diversity of the grants provided by Revesby Workers’ Club is immense with our decisions to support areas generally in the south and south west of Bankstown. The Club supports groups such as Life Education (Harold the giraffe), Bankstown City Aged Care building fund, Broderick Gillawarna School with a grant to enable disadvantaged students access to basic kitchen appliances and become better able to be self-sufficient in the home, to a sewing group who provide items to those in need.

The Revesby Workers’ Bill Bullard Charity Committee will be presenting Bankstown Hospital with the results of the years fundraising on Friday 9 September 2016 in the Club function rooms. Along with sub club executive members and dignitaries we envisage a sum of around seventy thousand dollars in equipment will be presented to the General Manager and staff from the hospital.

Through the year the Football Club have conducted a number of fundraising events and have spent time at the hardware store with BBQ’s and along with the Bowling Club who worked tirelessly on the fun day at the Sport and Recreation Club, raised a considerable amount. The Netball Club and Bankstown City Netball Association as a team supported the charity on a number of occasions and the annual bucket day at Deverall Park was supported by players and parents from all netball clubs in the Bankstown area.

On behalf of the Charity Committee I would like to convey my thanks to all who have contributed to making this very substantial amount available to procure the specialised equipment for Bankstown Hospital. It is our community hospital and your support is extremely important to advance the provision of good service provided by the staff.

We look forward to announcing the charity for the 2016 – 2017 year at the Charity Finale.

On September 2016 the Illawong Senior Athletic Club will be conducting a fun run at Kelso Park, Panania, in aid of the Charity Committee. Keep an eye out for information regarding the run and come along to participate or donate to this worthy cause.

A little later this year on 15th October 2016, the annual Trivia evening will be held at the Sport and Recreation Centre, with great prizes. Contact Terry or Sue on (9774 2653) for information and bookings as this night is always well attended.

Many thanks, Dennis

Presidents Report: 2016

2016 Election Timetable and Annual General Meeting

Election Timetable 

Nominations for the Board of Directors open: 9am 16 September 2016.

Nominationsfortheboard of Directors Close and Draw for the positions on the Ballot Paper: 6pm 30 September 2016

Ballot (if required) for the Board of Directors conducted at the club: 10am to 8pm on Thursday 27 and Friday 28th October 2016

Annual General Meeting 

This years Annual General Meeting will be held at the club premises, 2B Brett Street, Revesby on Sunday, 30 October 2016 at 10am

President’s Report

Daryl Melham President

The last year has been a great year for the club. Trading has continued to improve and the Commercial centre has attracted tenants who add to the sense of community that we have tried to foster. We have also seen many locals employed in these tenancies.

Dining Precinct

Members will also see that we are refurbishing our food areas. This is being done in two stages, with the first stage being completed in November and the second stage being completed by Easter 2017. Capacity will be doubled in these areas. This is all being done with minimal disruption to members. It is pleasing to see the interim bistro is being well patronised. As with all our renovations and extensions our members and guests will end up with a first class facility.

History Wall 

Hopefully the History Wall will be completed by the time you receive this journal. It will include a refurbished Foundation Members Plaque, and two Henry Lawson poems will be recreated and played outside the Sports Bar. Older members will remember the four poems that were situated in the foyer of the 1973 Club. We will also reinstate a tribute to local entertainers who made us proud; this was originally known as the walk of frame.

Bowling Clubs 

The Board has resolved not to renew the lease at the Sports and Recreation Centre when it expires in 2017. The Club does not own the land and we lease it from Bankstown Council. Revesby Workers’ Club has been involved in the site since 1986 when we took over the lease because Panania Bowling Club was experiencing financial difficulties. The current cost of continuing at the centre cannot be justified and there was absolutely no prospect of improvement for in the future. Revesby Workers’ Club took our ownership of the Revesby Bowling Club in 2008 and we will now consolidate all our bowling activities at the one site in Revesby. This was flagged to happen in 2008. We have given almost two years notice of our decision to the bowlers. This allows for a reasonable transition. The consolidation will not take place until extensive refurbishments are concluded at the Revesby site. A bowls advisory committee consisting of 50 / 50 of bowlers and directors has been established and will help with the transition to one club. While progress has been slow, much of the slowness has been out of the Boards control. As members would be aware, there has been an extensive consultation process on rezoning that the Council has conducted in the local area. Nothing could be finalised until that process was completed. We have however been able to think long and hard about the nature and extent of renovations that we would pursue at the Revesby Bowling site. I believe that we have ended up with a proposal that members can and will be proud of.

The Board has a proud history and record of dealing with our membership. We have always been open and up front. We have always put our members first and will continue to do so. Look at what we have achieved to date.

Annual General Meeting

The Clubs Annual General Meeting is on Sunday 30 October 2016 at 10am. I encourage members to attend. I thank our Vice President John Rodwell and fellow Directors for their hard work, loyalty and friendship over the year. I thank our CEO Ed Camilleri, Managers and Staff for their commitment and service over the year.

The stability professionalism and team work within the Club is a large part of why we have been so successful over the years.

The membership is quite proud of their Club and with good reason. We have built on the foundations of these who came before us. I am sure that they would approve of what we have done.

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