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Supporting The Bankstown Koori Elders Group

Another group associated with Revesby Workers’ Club is the Koori Elders Group and they have recently completed a cultural Exchange with the Chiefs of Mare and the Ilse of Pines.

This was a first time for most of the participants to travel out of Australia and the skills of the organisers were to be admired. Passports were required travel arrangements to be made and meetings to be planed for both able bodied and some disadvantaged persons. Being the first time travelling there was lots to see and to talk about on board the ship.

Meetings were successful with Cultural matters discussed between the nations and ceramics made by the Koori Elders Group were provided to the Chiefs in recognition of the visit. The Koori Elders Group learnt a lot from their meetings and were proud to be Aboriginal and to share their Culture with the Chiefs of Mare and the Ilse of Pines. Revesby Workers’ Club support the Koori Elders Group through the ClubGRANTS Scheme.