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Covid-19 Blues

Lyrics written by Terry Semlitzky

COVID-19 Blues

There’s this terrible thing going around

In just about every Aussie town

That affects us all as it makes its ugly way,

COVID-19 is the name, and it’s been given the blame Of infecting people, countries, that abound

In cities, and in Nations where it’s been found

There are many lockdowns and closures at the time With most people trying to toe the line Unfortunately some don’t give a damn

They seem to think it’s not about them But wait until it affects someone close

Family or friends, who do they blame then?

As this virus spreads across the land We all have to make a united stand

In the towns, country and across the sea Plus a concerted effort from you and me These things have all been here before

But nothing on this scale, beating on our door

Social distancing, self-isolation

Are all part of the plan

To try to keep us all healthy

Plus the regular washing of hands As we battle against this onslaught That’s sweeping across our land

When this pandemic is hopefully through There’ll still be plenty for all of us to do Our clubs, pubs and workplaces

Have all taken a hit

But by sticking together

We can all get over it.