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Director Reports May 2023

It is with a sad heart that I write this article as it will be my last for the wonderful Revesby Workers’ Club (RWC). As many of you know, I now have the absolute honour and privilege to have been elected to the NSW parliament as the member for East Hills.

To ensure that I can devote all that is required of my new position, I have decided to resign from the RWC board to fully commit to the exciting new challenges I face.

The RWC Directorship has been a wonderful experience. I have met so many new people and made some great new friends. I am constantly amazed by the charity in our community. The wonderful garden club ladies, the generosity and friendliness of the indoor bowls and the men’s and senior golf clubs have touched me over the years. The social connection and community spirit of our many clubs like the snooker, darts, bowls and fishing clubs are so important to the everyday lives of people living in this community. I also take my hat off to members I have met, some into their 80s and 90s now, who have run our small social and sporting clubs for over 50 years. A great achievement and commitment to our community.

I have had the honour to be the liaison director for our Revesby Workers Soccer and the Revesby Workers Touch Footy clubs, which I established in 2019. I’ve also seen the wonderful work our cricket, netball and athletics clubs do to keep people connected, fit and healthy, both physical and mentally.

I’m also proud in the club’s provision of financial support to sections of our community through the scholarship, club grants and school support programs. The help and support our club give to these groups are a vital part of the club’s role in our community.

One of the things I have been most proud of was the club’s leading role in setting up the Biyani House Revesby Women’s Shelter. I’ve been privileged to be on the Biyani House Board and was instrumental in ensuring we opened in January 2022.

Biyani House is an important support resource for vulnerable women and their children. In the first 15 months of the shelter’s operation Biyani House has housed or supported over 100 women and their families who found themselves in desperate situations. The overwhelming generosity our community has shown to support these women is something we should all be proud of.

My time on the board of RWC will always be very special to me and I have particularly loved meeting all our wonderful staff. I want to sincerely thank Scott Bennetts and Tenielle Symington for all they do to support the board. I am so honoured to have experienced being part of a workforce that truly cares for the club and our community.

This culture comes from the top and includes Sharyn Buhagiar who is the most enthusiastic and compassionate HR manager I have met. I am also so lucky to have worked with Sharyn as a fellow Board member for Biyani House.

Finally to my fellow Board directors, you are all wonderfully talented, caring and passionate people and it has truly been an honour to work with you.

I wish the club, board directors and staff all the best for the future and look forward to continuing the friendships with many in the RWC community.

Kylie Wilkinson, Director

This history of our club is tied inextricably to that of the area we represent. Formed in 1962 in a working family’s fibro house, the club has grown in size and prestige in parallel with our area’s growth from workers shacks and small farms to the wealthier middle class suburbs we enjoy today.

The original 240 members were drawn from sporting and  social clubs, and united under the desire for a decent friendly club they could proudly take their families to. The key to their success though was the presence within their number of many members of the Labor Party, along with quite a few communists and left wing wharfies. The solid political knowledge of these members helped the 240 organise and execute their plan for a Club of their own.

The club has maintained its links to progressive politics over the years. From the Light on the Hill Society and the Whitlam room, to the presence on the board over the years of many local MPs and councillors. This has been an unambiguously good thing for the Club and our area – it has been through their political smarts and ability to get things done that the club has grown into the responsible community facility it is today.

It’s in this spirit that I congratulate my fellow director Kylie Wilkinson on her election as the new Labor Member for East Hills. I have worked with Kylie closely since my election to the board and her dedication to the community is second to none. She is one of those people who sees that something needs doing so does it. She is ethical and smart and everything you want in a local MP.

Kylie will give her all to our community, which sadly means she has had to leave her position as director of our Club. I will miss working with Kylie but I look forward to seeing her set about her plans and see through her commitments.

The government she serves in will be led by the new Premier, Chris Minns. Chris represents the nearby seat of Kogarah, but Chris is also a long term friend of the Club. He has been visiting the club since the 1990s and as leader of the Labor Party has been here several times for Seniors Concerts and other functions. It will be refreshing to have a Premier who doesn’t need a map to find Revesby.

So with Kylie’s election another chapter of the history of our Club’s close ties to the labour movement is written. No doubt it will be a grand one, both for our Club and our local area.

Baden Kirgan, Director

Executive Report May 2023

Dear Members,

When the hot cross buns and Easter eggs disappeared from the shopping centre shelves, so too did the warmer days as we are now greeted with a much chillier start to the mornings.  We hope our members enjoyed a wonderful Easter long weekend and are preparing for another cold Winter ahead.


As many of you would be aware, at the recent 2023 NSW State Election, Kylie Wilkinson, the then Labor Candidate for the seat of East Hills was elected into Parliament, thus now making Kylie Wilkinson our Local Member of Parliament for East Hills.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Kylie for her well-deserved success.  Kylie and her team led a strong campaign for a ‘Fresh Start’ for East Hills and we are very excited to see the improvements they make to our local community in the coming years.

For the members who know Kylie well, they would be well aware of her ever-growing workload as a Director of the Revesby Workers’ Club Board since 28 October 2018, serving as the Deputy Chair on the Biyani House Board and President of Bankstown Jets Touch Association just to name a few. Kylie’s new appointment as our Local Member has meant a review of her positions was required and it was for this reason that Kylie made the difficult decision to resign from her position as Director of Revesby Workers’ Club Ltd effective 4 April 2023.

Kylie has achieved a significant amount in her time serving as a Director for the last 4+ years.  Kylie was instrumental in the opening of the Biyani House Revesby Women’s Shelter, has had oversight of the newly renovated Rogues Sports Club and the introduction of Miss Iggy’s and offered support to her sub-clubs, namely Revesby Workers’ Football Club, Senior Golf, Revesby Workers’ Touch Football Club, Indoor Mixed Bowls and more recently the Scrabble Club and Australian Native Orchid Club.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am sure our members would join us in wishing Kylie every success in her new role as our Local Member and thank her for everything she has done not only for the Club but the local Community.


Last month Directors and members of the Scholarship Committee met with recipients of the 2023 Tertiary Scholarships.

This year the Club had 31 previous recipients receive their $500 scholarship for their ongoing studies providing a total of $15,500 to previous recipients.  6 of these recipients are in their final year of studies and we take this opportunity to wish them every success on the completion of their degree and as they look to join the workforce permanently.

We also received 14 new applications of which 8 achieved an ATAR of over 90, noting that these high achievements were very similar to last year and set a very high benchmark.  The 2023 Scholarship Program awarded 1 male and 1 female with a $3,000 scholarship and 12 applicants with a $500 scholarship totalling $12,000 to new applicants in 2023.  All of our 2023 recipients will receive a further $500 for each subsequent year of their degree upon submission of successful results.

This takes the total of Tertiary Scholarship payments in 2023 to $27,500.

An afternoon tea for our scholarship recipients took place on Sunday, 2 April 2022, an event attended by 35 of our recipients and their parents.  A special mention must be given to the recipients of the $3,000 scholarships in 2023:

  • Sarah Arnold who achieved an ATAR of 96.55 and will be studying a Bachelor of Science and Advanced Studies; and
  • Rashad Islam who achieved an ATAR of 97.70 and will be studying a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Exercise Psychology.

Congratulations to all of our previous and new recipients.


Renovations throughout the Club continue through to late May when the final stage will be completed.  We would like to thank our members and guests for their patience in what has been quite a significant renovation.

As you would appreciate, a renovation of this size takes a great deal of collaboration and planning between staff and tradesmen to ensure the project is executed in a timely manner and completed on schedule.

We would like to congratulate our Executive Manager of Gaming, Allison Gibbons and her team for the effort and significant time they have put into this project together with Executive Manager of Facilities, Simon Melham and his team for their ongoing assistance during the renovation itself which was split over 5 separate areas.

No project of this size is without its hurdles, however, all staff involved managed the process from start to finish extremely well while ensuring as little interruption to our members as possible.


We would like to advise our members that the Board of Directors are currently reviewing a proposal for a much-needed renovation to our Auditorium and Functions area in 2024.  A project team led by Executive Manager of Food and Beverage, Darren Foots is currently in the planning phase with architects and designers to discuss our requirements and design a new look and feel for the space upstairs.  The Board look forward to reviewing their proposal in the coming months.

Subject to Board approval, it is expected that renovations may commence in early 2024 and we ask that our members be mindful of the renovations in the near future as this means function rooms will not be available throughout this period putting a significant amount of pressure on other areas within the Club that are utilised as function spaces.

We will endeavour to keep our members well informed of the exact start date of these renovations once known and the expected timeframe that these areas will be non-operational.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to renovate the Club in stages in order to be able to continually offer our members a modern, enjoyable and spacious Club that caters to everyone within the Community.

Daryl Melham AM


Scott Bennetts


ANZAC Day Service 2023

On Tuesday 25 April, Revesby Workers’ Club held a special ANZAC Day March from Bankstown YMCA down Macarthur Avenue to Revesby Workers’ Club followed by an ANZAC Day Service at Cenotaph.

ANZAC Day is the solemn day of remembrance of those Australian and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers who fought and died at Gallipoli in 1915. It is also a day of remembrance for all soldiers who died while fighting for their country.

ANZAC Day has been celebrated in Australia since October 1915 (in South Australia) then nationally on 25 April 1916. It has been a public holiday across the country since the mid-1920s.

ANZAC Day’s motto is ‘Lest We Forget’ and is a phrase uttered after the reading of the Ode of Remembrance, a poem called ‘For the Fallen’, written by Laurence Binyon in 1914 in England. The main verse of the poem, the fourth and middle verse, is quoted at ANZAC Day ceremonies, and other remembrance ceremonies.

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them.”