Chris_Web_RWCBLOG_Portrait_450x555px_V2Revesby Workers are pleased to welcome Christopher McIntyre to the club as new the Executive Chef. Chef Christopher joins Revesby Workers at an exciting time as the  new dining precinct nears completion and moves toward the grand opening.

Chef Christopher has over 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry in a diverse range in operational positions as Executive Chef and Food and Beverage Manager. He has worked in many areas of the hospitality industry including hotels, resorts restaurants and clubs.

He will be hands-on in the kitchen , cooking and leading the talented team of chefs at Revesby Workers. He will be responsible for the creation and innovation of the new menus within the new dining precinct.

Christopher is a dedicated chef who is passionate about plating beautiful food from locally grown produce. He will bring his culinary skills into kitchens of the new dining precinct with a focus on delivering exceptional food. Christopher will lead the team in creating extraordinary meals to meet and exceed the expectations of patrons for a whole new dining experience.

“I firmly believe in creating a great workplace and building a caring culture within the Food and Beverage department – where we can build strength in each other and grow as a whole”

“I believe that a menu should reflect both the passion of the Chef an the identity of the restaurant”

We welcome Christopher and look forward to tasting his exciting menus.