The Bill Bullard Charity Foundation supports numerous well deserving local charities throughout our community, providing equipment to hospitals, supporting the Asbestos Disease Research Institute and Beautiful Minds/Bank House, just to name a few of the various recipients of funding over the years.

Throughout the year, the Charity Committee put on events that help them raise some of these much needed funds. Below You will find a list of upcoming events, and we urge you all to take part, have a great day/night out knowing that you are supporting local charities in the process.

For more information or to book any of these events, please contact Margaret 9772 1398 or Pat 9772 3297

Get involved and help us support three (3) extremely worthy groups;

The Asbestos Disease Research Institute

Australia has the world’s highest incidence of malignant mesothelioma per capita, with more than 600 new cases diagnosed each year, which is due to the widespread use of the known carcinogen, asbestos.

As a response to the incidence of malignant mesothelioma in Australia, the Asbestos Diseases Research Institute (ADRI) was opened in January 2009. The ADRI was established by the Asbestos Diseases Research Foundation (ADRF), a charitable, not-for-profit foundation dedicated to assist and support the research efforts of ADRI into asbestos-related diseases.

The funds raised through the Charity Foundation will be supporting the ADRI Scholarship Program, students studying their PhD’s at the University of Sydney are researching projects in Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma at the ADRI. This research is fundamental to the ADRI in achieving their aim to improve the diagnosis and treatment of asbestos related diseases and at the same time to contribute to more effective measures to prevent exposure to asbestos.

Bankstown Hospital

Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital provides a wide range of general medical and surgical services and some sub-specialty services to the local community.

Its Paediatrics and Neonatology services are dedicated to delivering high quality medical and nursing management of children and their families, catering for newborns to adolescents 16 years of age.

The dedicated Special Care Nursery delivers more than 2200 babies per year, supported by a 10 bed special care nursery, which cares for term newborns and premature infants from 34 weeks gestation onwards.

Beautiful Minds / Banks House Mental Health Unit

Beautiful Minds Bankstown is a group made up of people of all ages who are community volunteers, passionate about supporting, advocating and raising awareness for mental health recovery in the Bankstown area.

Formed in 2016, Beautiful Minds is committed to breaking down stigma and promoting community involvement.